Emerging issues regarding parenting

Adolescent Pregnancy

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One emerging issue in the social scientific study of parenting today is adolescent pregnancy.  Although the birth rates of adolescents in the United States have progressively decreased, today many adolescents become pregnant. According to Advameg Inc. (2008), “In the United States, despite the decrease in the number of babies born to teenagers, the rate still continues to be more than four times that of many industrialized nations ” (para. 6).  This means that parents, guardians, and educators must take a more active role in educating girls about sex and preventing pregnancy.  Girls should also be educated about what happens if they do get pregnant, especially the challenges they will face in the short-term and long-term.  In the short-term they would have to make life changes to accommodate their new role as a parent.  Many adolescent girls who get pregnant usually never finish high school, much less attend college.  The lower level of education will affect them in the long-term because it will not allow them to get a proper job and their career options would be more limited.  These adolescent girls and their children are more likely to end living in poverty.  It is imperative to break up the cycle of adolescent pregnancy and with the support of parents and educators; adolescent pregnancies can be prevented.

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Same Sex Parenting

Another emerging issue in the social scientific study of parenting is same sex parenting.  This is a very hot topic in the United States.  This parenting concept has been increasing; more families are headed by openly gay and lesbian parents.   Although same sex parenting is occurring more frequently, there are many challenges that these families face.  One of the biggest challenges is the lack of support and acceptance from their families and society. Regardless of the family structure, becoming a parent is a blessing that is followed by hard work and dedication.  Parents need to give unconditional love and make ultimate sacrifices to ensure their children are successful in society.

Image source: http://prideinutah.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/gay-parents.jpg


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