Welcome to my blog!  My name is Perla Brito and I am originally from Texas. My wonderful husband of four years Julio is from New York. We have 3 beautiful daughters: Laylani, aged nine, Natali, aged seven, and Juliette, aged 19 months. My family and I have been living in Ramstein, Germany for three years now, and I absolutely LOVE it here.  Family is the most important thing in life for me!  Thanks to this class, my interest in social science/parenting has increased.  This parenting class has helped me get a better grasp on what to expect as a parent.  I have learned different parenting styles, to feel more confident and in control as a parent, and to have a better insight into my children, so that I can become the best parent I can be.

This blog was created as part of a research project for my social science/parenting class.  I will discuss what I have learned about chapters four and five of Parent-Child Relations: Context, Research, and Application (3ed.) by Phyllis Heath.  I hope everyone enjoys the information on my blog.


Robert Brault (n.d.) spoke of parenting: “The trouble with learning to parent on the job is that your child is the teacher.”